With more than 25 years of experience advising clients on the purchase of art, Heidi McWilliams (formally Neuhoff), has built broad and invaluable relationships in the art and design communities.  Neuhoff Gallery has represented multiple contemporary artists; exhibiting their works in its New York City gallery and globally at international art fairs. The Gallery was also successful placing many secondary market works in private collections.  In 2008, McWilliams was retained by Shenzhen Development Bank as art advisor for the redevelopment of major corporate office space in China.  This project lasted more than three years and changed the focus of McWilliams’ business.  Subsequently, she has devoted her attention to private art consultation for individual and corporate clients focusing primarily on Post War, Modern and Contemporary works of art, sculpture and photography; each periods of art with which she has passionate interest, substantial experience and extensive relationships.  Heidi McWilliams is on the Board of Directors of the Park Avenue Armory and the Board of Trustees of The European Fine Art Fair/ Foundation, (TEFAF).

In addition to identifying important works of art appropriate to the particulars of my client’s taste and collections,  I have a keen interest in integrating the selected works with the client’s specific living or work environment.  I believe that great art amplifies the interior design that my clients have focused intently to create.  Choosing the right piece for a space, framing and lighting it properly, can create a magical setting.  Likewise, selecting and siting an exterior sculpture which complements its’ environment can add extraordinary life and transform a property.  This is the outcome for which I strive; it delights clients and gives me enormous satisfaction.

Please enjoy images of my work in the GALLERY section of the website.

Heidi McWilliams
Owner, Neuhoff Gallery